Cat Drinking Water Flower Fountain

Why Buy Your Pet A Water Fountain?

Whether it’s spring, hot summers, autumn or cold winters pets need to stay hydrated being provided with regular fresh, clean, aerated water.

If you are out and about during the day then it is vital to ensure your pet has access to a continual supply of fresh water and there’s simply no better way than using a pet water fountain.

Your may have found your pet licking at your kitchen taps or continually drinking from a toilet bowl, which can be signs that they need more fresh water supplies and a water fountain may help to stop these habits.

 Featured Product

Our product of the week is the gorgeous electronic daisy design water fountain which allows water to circulate, trickling slowly for your pet to enjoy.

Designed for cats but can be suitable for small dogs. Stands off the floor, providing hygienic water all day.

All you have to do is to remember to top up with water, check the filters periodically, and clean it.

Your pet will have the cleanest filtered water possible 24/7.

Featured below the Catit Flower Cat Drinking Water fountain now available from Catit in a range of colours, finished and differing designs with water capacity averaging 3 litres.

Water Fountains For Cats by Catit
LED Flower Fountain
Cat drinking fountain with LED nightlight and petal top $34.99

Are water fountains only for cats?

Catit are specialists providing products for cats, whether its cat furniture, slow feeders, grooming and toys offering quality products.

Water fountains are suitable for dogs where medium and larger sized dogs would require a larger fountain, with a bigger holding water capacity and for most dogs be raised slightly higher than cat fountains for their ease of drinking. There are some fountains marketed for both cats and smaller dogs jointly.

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