Cat Toys 3 Level Towers Tracks Roller with Six Colorful Ball

Upsky roller cat toy is ideal if you have several cats. Colored balls spin along the tower tracks as your kitties try and catch them. This not only provides mental stimulation to ease boredom, but gets your cats exercising as well.

Lack of exercise soon leads to obesity in cats just as it does with people. You get 6 balls, 3 of which have bells inside. The tower is very easy to put together and once the balls are placed on the tracks it’s claimed they don’t fall off easily.

However, a few buyers reported their cats losing the balls. If this happens you can’t replace with ping pong balls as they won’t fit. A good idea though is to try and stock up on a few balls of the same size just in case.

Four anti-slip stoppers on the base help protect your floor. This is great if you have wooden or laminate flooring as they can get scratched easily.

3 Level Towers Tracks Roller with Six Colorful Ball

The roller cat toy is extremely easy to clean. As it’s made from durable plastic it should stand up to rough treatment from feisty felines!

This is definitely the type of toy you can leave out for your cats to play with while you’re working. Although it’s not robotic, the colored balls are attractive, prompting play.

A few buyers reported the toy as being easy to knock over. This may be something to bear in mind if you have very playful kitties!

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