Cozy Banana Cat Dog Pet Bed

Every cat requires a spot to sleep that’s not actually there designated be, such as a shoe box, a large vase, or a cupboard. Though, chances are, if you buy your cat a bed that’s weird enough, they might actually sleep in it! Which is hopefully what this banana cat bed will achieve!

The Banana Cat Bed features a peelable banana peel that allows your cat to sneak in and out while still having the privacy they require. Just peel open the top layer of the peel to sneak a peek at your kitty snoozing inside.

What you’ll get:

  • Cozy warm material: The bed is made of plush cotton with a 2 cm thick sponge. It’s the purrfect combination of coziness and breathability.
  • Peeling design for privacy: The cat banana bed features an adorable peeling banana design so that your kitty gets the private space she wants. Even when the bed is unpeeled, there is ample space for the passage of air.

Cozy Banana Cat Dog Pet Bed

Cute addition to the room: It’s time to discard off those cardboard boxes you had as cat beds in your rooms. This bed merges with any indoor space and is a cute addition to your room.

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