Robotic Interactive Cat Toys,Upgraded Automatic Rotating Cat Toy.

Robotic interactive cat toys is a fun device with 2 wheels on which sits a brightly colored teaser toy. As you get multiple teaser toys included in the pack you can easily swap them round.

The teaser toys are attached to a pole, making it fun for your kitty to chase. Besides, high-tech powerful-sensor chip automatically senses obstacles and reacts in other directions, rotating, jumping, and adjusting direction. Drive on any household surface.Perfect for your indoor cat. You won’t worry the electronic cat toy get stuck when meet any obstacles.

Are you worried that this is a silicone ball that will be bitten and eaten by a cat, causing a health hazard to the cat? Don’t worry,our interactive cat toy will be best suitable for you. this interactive cat toy mains shells made of environmental PC+ABS and the tire is made of non-toxic and harmless food grade hard silicone.With LED colorful changing light instead of laser to protect your cat’s eyes.

Robotic Interactive Cat Toys

What your cats would do when you gone out? Scrath the sofa, furniture or feel bored then sleep all day? This teaser cat ball is the best palymate for your cat. Charging about 2.5 hours,provide a recurring 10-minute hours of fun time. After 1.5 hours to reactivate cat toy ball for your cat fun.

Turn on the button, rotating cat toy with feather or pompom is active work for indoor cats.You can imagine that as soon as your cat hears the wheels turning,he starts hunting for it, he stalks it and pounces on it, What a funny time for your cat or you. it did help your cat burn a lot of his energy and do more excerise.

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