6 Reasons why do Cats like boxes So much?

6 Reasons why do Cats like boxes So much - cat of day

Cats are very playful animals capable of being distracted by anything they find even a little curious
does it seem strange they often prefer the inside of an empty box and their own comfortable bed.
in this video from animal wise we tell you the six reasons that explain why cats like boxes so much .

1.The Survival instinct

the survival instinct although cats are unlikely to encounter anything within the home that wants to harm them their instinct to stay safe from predators persists.
remember they spend much of the day sleeping so to be calm they must find a place where they feel secure for your cat a box is like a cave in which they can feel safe from any danger it also allows them to isolate.
themselves from the outside world and becomes a private space.
a simple box is to them a place where they can be calm and enjoy solitude discover in the video we share here how to build a diy cardboard house your cat will love hunting.


Cats in the wild are predators even if your cat lives in your house their natural hunting instinct can be on display from the darkness of their box the cat feels they have a good look out for their next prey.
this is because the box offers them the element of surprise in this case their prey can be a toy a human leg or even some insect that passes in front of their hiding place for your cat being in the box exercises their hunting spirit.

3.The Temperature

the temperature you have seen that your cat loves to lie in the sun hide between the sheets or escape inside
closets your kitten searches for the best places to stay warm and comfortable cardboard boxes are a great option because the material acts as insulation to provide a warm shelter.
discover another strange aspect about cats in our videos share about why they stare at us.


cats are famously curious animals if you live with a feline you can verify they always want to smell
bite and stick their head into anything that piques their curiosity.
so if you have brought something that comes wrapped in a box they can’t resist but to investigate.

6 Reasons why do Cats like boxes So much

5 .The box material

the box material the texture of the material of the box is often perfect for the cat to scratch and bite
another activity cats love furthermore they can sharpen their claws and mark their territory with ease.


Stress a study by researchers at the university of utrecht in the netherlands concluded that boxes help to manage stress in cats.
the research was done at an animal shelter where they selected 19 new arrivals.
new environments often make cats feel nervous as they are surrounded by unrecognizable people and many unknown
animals of the chosen group 10 were provided with boxes and another 9 were not after a few days it was concluded that those cats with access to a box.
adapted more quickly than those that did not the box allowed them to have their own space to isolate themselves when the environment stressed them out.

if your cat loves boxes don’t miss the video above which shows you how to make your own cat toy with a cereal box. tell us your cats’s favorite thing to do with a box in the comments and we’ll see you next time.

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