Angry-Looking Cat Famous In Thailand for Supervises Watermelons

Hello, our dear cat lovers, we are bringing you one of your most favorite feline types: the angry-looking one. Even though there have been several famous grumpy-looking cats like the original one or the new grumpy face Kitzia, the internet never seems to get enough of these adorable creatures. This time, let’s meet Pearl. Pearl has a stare that would send chills down your spines immediately. He currently working as a watermelon supurrvisor at a farm in Thailand with 6 years of experience. He would be a wonderful candidate for our list of working cats.

Pearl’s owner explained that despite his look, he is truly the kindest and sweetest baby in the entire village. Well, the little boy’s name and reputation are definitely cleared, but we gotta admit, his look fits purrfectly for his job.

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Meet the watermelon supurrvisor Pearl the cat

There is actually an explanation for why people like cats so much, especially the grumpy-looking one. In an interview with, Roger Dooley, author of the popular blog Neuromarketing, explains that the media seems to have special interests in these animals because it is like “a shift in attractiveness that signals a novelty factor is involved, that people are tired of a stock photo of a cute cat or cute dog.” He also adds “Even animal lovers get tired of looking at the same old thing. People can only stand so much cuteness.”

In the same article, an Associate Professor Department of Psychological and Brain Sciences at Dartmouth College in Hanover, New Hampshire, Brad Duchaine stated that “When we look at a cat face we’re applying the same things we do when looking at a human face. he eyes are narrowed and the mouth is curved downward. We read that as the cat having a kind of complex emotion like we have. We’re attracted to it the way we would be to a grumpy-faced human or a kid making that face we’d think it was funny.” For example, we can look at a grumpy dog picture, and relate it to an old man or a cranky kid.

Chop chop hoomans hurry up!

Pearl’s job varies from checking the watermelon scale numbers.

To hand-check the quality of every single watermelon

Seems like Pearl has to have his paws on everything. What a busy kitty!

That is why Pearl needs good rest!

Good trips are also required because hard-working wurkker deserves it!

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