Cat Invades Fashion Show And Teaches Models How To Walk The Real Catwalk

A stray cat climbed onto the catwalk during the Esmod International Fashion Show held in Istanbul and distracted the audience from observing the fashionable clothing being presented by models.

When a model walks past the Animal,it attempts to grab hold of her gown and then starts walking the ramp.And then the cat decides to show the models how the real catwalk is done by walking right up till the front.

Organisers of the show were unsure where the feline came from but they admitted that it ‘enraptured’ the audience.”Everybody was in shock.” fashion designer goksen kakki alitold the Dodo.Asked if the animal had a future in fashion,Hakki Ali admitted it can’t be ruled out.

“Haha,maybe,” she said. “Why not?”

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