19+ Cats That Will Make You Burst Into Laughter

1.This Is Chai. He Climbs This Ladder Every Night And Then Cries That He Is Stuck

2.If I fits, I sleep, and then I slips

3.“My Cat Is An Idiot But Adorable”

4.Apparently there’s a time and place for kung fu!

5.Superhero Pose!

6.She Tried Out A New Pose On The Stairs Today

7.“We Actually Had To Help Him Down…”

8.Friend’s Cat Eating Dinner

9.You’re Doing It Wrong

10.He’s Got A Full Bowl Of Water Inside

11.We don’t argue with him

12.My cat has three beds

13.We have five beds and 10 chairs in our house, the cat sits on the eggs

14.I spent 10 minutes looking for my cat before I went to bed, found him asleep in a walk on top of the freezer

15.I think someone’s got the wrong bed

16.Four beds for three cats and they do this

17.Small drink…

18.No concept of privacy. At all!


19.Albert is not having the best day


20.It seems she needs a new eyebrow artist…


21.Where’s the dog that last night run after me !!


22.Don’t leave meeeeeeeeeeeeee…

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