Pregnant Cat Surprises Everyone With A Big Litter Of Kittens

A lady called Chandler’s mom and said, “We found this outdoor, a feral cat. She’s really pregnant. Can you help?”

Chandler quickly took the mama cat in, and within three hours, she was in labor and gave birth to seven kittens. It was almost like she waited until she was safe to deliver her babies. And luckily, all of them were healthy.

Maggie the cat was probably thinking, “I cannot believe I just had 7 kittens, but thank God I had them inside and with food around me and all these blankets and these two annoying ladies that keep scratching my head and telling me, “You are doing great.”

Because she gave birth here in Nashville, Tennessee, her kittens are all named after country music legends. Thankfully, many wonderful people came to adopt the kittens and gave them forever homes.

Chandler wants to keep Maggie, but she has a special needs cat. She hopes that the mama will find a home with a great family. And of course, she will try her best to help Maggie find a good home and makes sure that she is safe and loved.

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