40+ Cats Who Need Your Attention The Exact Moment You Start Reading

Behold the most adorable interruptions when you want to have a spare time for reading! Suddenly giving you a Puss in Boots look, rolling over to show their bellies to distract your concentration, falling asleep 2 hour straight onto the page that you are studying are what these cat owners have to deal with. Cats love to show affection when we don’t expect them to do it the most and guess what, “who can say no to that naive face?”, or “I must cuddle my majestic before continuing reading, my homework can wait.”

We love cats and love to see them spotting their favorite page in the book, how about you? Scroll down and vote, we would love to hear your thoughts about these little lovely critters who are occupying your book and will take over the world in the near future!

#1 You No Study, You Play With Pebbles

#2 I’ll Just Lay Here

 I'll Just Lay Here

#3 Spoiler Alert: The Main Character Dies. Now Rub My Tummy

Spoiler Alert: The Main Character Dies. Now Rub My Tummy

#4 This Is Watson, He Does This Every Time I Open A Book


#5 Now That’s What I’m Tolkien About

Now That’s What I’m Tolkien About

#6 This Is What Happens When I Try To Study

This Is What Happens When I Try To Study

#7 So Much For Getting Reading Done During Rare Free Time

#8 Usually The Cat Is On The Other Side Of The Book Gnawing The Edges

#9 What Do You Mean You Have To Study?

#10 I Seem To Be Having Trouble Reading Lately

#11 Done Studying Yet?

#12 I Never Foresaw That It’d Be Impossible To Read With That Face Looking At Me

#13 Nom Nom Nom

#14 Trying To Study? Let Me Help You

Trying To Study? Let Me Help You

#15 No More Reading Today

#16 You Didn’t Really Want To Read This Half Of The Page, Did You?

#17 Whatcha Doin’?

#18 In My Free Time I Teach Underprivileged Cats How To Read

#19 It’s Really Hard To Ignore A Cat That Wants Your Attention

#20 Um, Hello…excuse Me.

#21 How Dare You Read A Book…

#22 Your Book Is So Boring

#23 My Girlfriend’s Kitten Was Helping Her Study

#24 Cat Reading A Book In Tokyo

#25 Oh Hi!

#26 Thers No Lena Duhnam, Thers Only Me. For You. Forever. Whaterver…

#27 Try To Read With Your Cat

#28 Reading Virginia Woolf

#29 Oh I’m Sorry, Were You Studying?

#30 Let’s Play A Game!

#31 Nop. Pet Me.

#32 I Am Watching You ……

#33 Reading Stealth Mode

#34 What? Why Are You Looking At Me?

#35 I Love When You Take Out My Favorite Bed!

#36 Okay, Just Tell Me How It Ends So I Can Chase My Tail Again

#37 “seriously, How Could Those Pages Be More Interesting Than Me??”

#38 I Say Don’t

#39 I Am More Interesting To Read

#40 It’ My Time Now

#41 How Your Know Your Textbook Is Boring- It Puts The Cat To Sleep

#42 Studying? What’s That?

#43 Studying? What’s That?

#44 Read To Me

#45 Wait! Wait! This Chapter Is The Tastiest!

#46 Though Shall Not Read

#47 We Read It To The End, But Honestly, Prisoner Of Azkaban Was Better.

#48 Stop Reading, Let’s Sleep! It’s My Job To Be A Bookmark.

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