Top 20 Cats Don’t Know What Is Private Space, Make Their Owner So Surprised

Cats always give them ultimate authority, not leaving their owners even a step if they want to. No matter where to go, what to do, where, how to move, if they do not see the owner, they will not feel secure.
However, all cat parents know that this is not advisable. But because of their affection for them, the cat parents are trying to understand.
Maybe even a little too emotional.

Our kittens can pretend to be like that sometimes, but they can also be completely independent. Below is a picture where the owner’s private space is no longer available, there are always cats beside.

#1 That Moment When You’re Trying To Take A Relaxing Bubble Bath, But Get The Distinct Feeling You’re Being Watched

#2 No Privacy At All

#3 My Cat Likes To Take Baths With Me

#4 After A Massive Panic Attack I Decided To Take A Bubble Bath. The Kitties Were Still Too Worried To Leave My Side

#5 The Abyss Staring Back

#6 Every Morning When I Brush My Teeth

#7 My Cat Always Sits Like This When I’m In The Shower

#8 Human, What Are You Doing In That Bathroom?

#9 My GF Sent Me This While I Was On The Toilet

#10 Daddy is mine

#11 Our Cat Is Very Protective Of Our Newborn. She Does Not Approve Of Her Getting A Bath

#12 This Is Cinnamon, She Likes To Make You Uncomfortable While You Use The Bathroom

#13 I Now Know I’m Not The Only One. He Goes From The Toilet To The Sink, Climbs On My Shoulders, And Perches On My Head

#14 My Parents’ Cat Destroyed The Bathroom’s Door Vents So He Could Spy While We Pee

 #15 Sup

#16  I’ll Just Chill Here

#17 Reading book with daddy.

#18 if I fit I sit, right?

#19 Why you dont care me?

#20 Showering, When Suddenly…

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